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A Gathering of Lone End of Sentences

I wanted to do something different than my usual fare, and since I had been talking about tattoos with one of my best friends, I decided to draw up a “back piece” with him in mind. It contains a favorite symbol of his, as well as a few I’m partial to.




Winter’s Light


Lilith’s Garden


Fan Art

Fan art for bloodcountessabendroth By Terra Bosart 2015 

I was looking for a new project to work on, and was puttering around on the tumblr for inspiration. I found myself on Paige’s blog, which I usually find enjoyable. On a whim, I asked if she’d mind a drawing. After some brief back and forth, I got to work after finishing my last piece. It’s been a fun one to draw, for certain. :) 

Main sites: 


Gift of the Naaru

i felt compelled to illustrate a Draenei magic weirder recently. Here she is. 

Much like a few of my characters, I imagine her to be a somewhat solitary character. Preferring her studies to massive groups of people, pricing to be advantageous and a social hinderance. 

Is what it is.


Lady of the Black Goat


Preview of coming attractions

I’ve been hovering upon the devotional candle idea for many years.

Now, I’m close to implementing it.

Here is the preview of potentials, before I open up an Etsy account.

There is actually a few more options, which may be made available. But primarily, this is just a test. A preview of coming potential attractions.

Stay tuned!

Straight Outta…

So, the “straight outta” meme has cemented itself in the social media landscape, and I have not been immune to its charms.

It started with Innsmouth, which I felt fit perfectly with my Dagon illustration from last year. Then I kept going.

I promise I’m done now.


Baphomet for President

A good friend of mine posted a link to my Facebook account. It was a photoshopped advertisement, advocating Baphomet for President in 2016. 

Suffice to say, I was enamored with it. It was inspiring, my favored symbol and pseudo-deity. I decided that this must be more of a thing.

With thanks to Buddy Baphomet on Facebook.


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