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Untitled Draenai


Dreaming in Abstract

This morning I was dreaming in abstract concepts. There was no narrative, but eternal self-organizing chaos, balancing itself in fractal eternities.

There was a type of meta-consciousness, overseeing my floating flight’s pseudo exploration of this territory. It was passively pervasive, it was everywhere and nowhere, and it did not interact and I did not seek it out. I was just a small part of its whole, this divine organism of infinite complexity.

I found myself unable to describe this after I woke, until a few cups of coffee had occurred. So, instead I began arting for a bit, to get the visualization of the experience down.


New Designs

It’s been awhile since I updated my vest/jacket, and since the shirt was starting to tear in some spots, I decided the time was ripe for a change. Now, waiting for my fingers to recover before I blot out the exterior, and design the new border.


Balance and Equality.

I stopped by the Concordia store tonight, and ran into one of my favorite coworker people.They complimented me on my baphomet necklace, and wished they could wear theirs while the apron was on.
This caught me totally off-guard, I was baffled, and I asked why they didn’t. They explained that they didn’t want to potentially offend customers with the things people associate with Satanism, because we are representing the company as a whole.
Now, she and I both know that the baphomet is not specifically related to satanism, and is at best a tangentional association which only recently got started by overly concerned parties of a fundamentalist religious style. We know this.
I kinda sighed a bit, and shrugged, explained that I wear my baphomet to work every day since I got it. It’s why I got the tattoos on my forearms. It’s simply a part of who I am, and I take pride in who I am. People know that I’m friendly and approachable if unconventional, and if they have questions they can ask, so I’ve never been terribly concerned. It’s a symbol, not even a deity, which I’ve always regarded as a force of balance and equality in a world of polarized and dogmatic thinking.
I even mentioned a brilliant Steven Colbert bit where he “interviews satan” to clarify the situation.  
Though it got me thinking. It’s a symbol of belief in a particular principle. Is that, or is that not, actually protected not only by state law but also our company guidelines? 

Should that not be something that we as a culture and community tend toward embracing and understanding in other people?
I had a simply great day, but it was disheartening to see someone holding themselves back for fear of negative backlash. Especially such a kind person.
I don’t encounter people who understand the baphomet very often, and I’ve lived and suffered the condition of “put that away, we’re about to see people, and I don’t want them to get the wrong idea.”
I’m really done with that shite. It’s so ridiculous. 

A Gathering of Lone End of Sentences

I wanted to do something different than my usual fare, and since I had been talking about tattoos with one of my best friends, I decided to draw up a “back piece” with him in mind. It contains a favorite symbol of his, as well as a few I’m partial to.




Winter’s Light


Lilith’s Garden


Fan Art

Fan art for bloodcountessabendroth By Terra Bosart 2015 

I was looking for a new project to work on, and was puttering around on the tumblr for inspiration. I found myself on Paige’s blog, which I usually find enjoyable. On a whim, I asked if she’d mind a drawing. After some brief back and forth, I got to work after finishing my last piece. It’s been a fun one to draw, for certain. :) 

Main sites: 


Gift of the Naaru

i felt compelled to illustrate a Draenei magic weirder recently. Here she is. 

Much like a few of my characters, I imagine her to be a somewhat solitary character. Preferring her studies to massive groups of people, pricing to be advantageous and a social hinderance. 

Is what it is.


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