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Dreaming in Abstract

This morning I was dreaming in abstract concepts. There was no narrative, but eternal self-organizing chaos, balancing itself in fractal eternities.

There was a type of meta-consciousness, overseeing my floating flight’s pseudo exploration of this territory. It was passively pervasive, it was everywhere and nowhere, and it did not interact and I did not seek it out. I was just a small part of its whole, this divine organism of infinite complexity.

I found myself unable to describe this after I woke, until a few cups of coffee had occurred. So, instead I began arting for a bit, to get the visualization of the experience down.


New Designs

It’s been awhile since I updated my vest/jacket, and since the shirt was starting to tear in some spots, I decided the time was ripe for a change. Now, waiting for my fingers to recover before I blot out the exterior, and design the new border.


Preview of coming attractions

I’ve been hovering upon the devotional candle idea for many years.

Now, I’m close to implementing it.

Here is the preview of potentials, before I open up an Etsy account.

There is actually a few more options, which may be made available. But primarily, this is just a test. A preview of coming potential attractions.

Stay tuned!

Straight Outta…

So, the “straight outta” meme has cemented itself in the social media landscape, and I have not been immune to its charms.

It started with Innsmouth, which I felt fit perfectly with my Dagon illustration from last year. Then I kept going.

I promise I’m done now.


Leather Canteen Cantanister

I came home last night from another absolutely stunning Oregon Country Fair! The weather was gorgeous, the friends I camp with are beautiful, and I returned to the city filled with optimism and cheer.

Naturally, as I settle back into the city living, I’m still inspired by the variety of creativity I’ve seen over the weekend. Today’s project turned out to be a leather holster for my canteen, which turned out pretty well, and matches the style of my headdress.

The canteen itself slides in and out easily, and the dragon is actually the leather part of a hair band I bought at the fair quite a few years ago.

While my original intention was to draw today, I cannot be too disappointed that my creativity took a turn in another direction. This years fair has recharged my reserves, and shall undoubtably continue to do so into the near future.

Coloring Book Page: Cthulhu


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