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Fire and Ice


Cyber dragon.

I wanted to draw some dragons, that crazy craving, y’know?

I had been re-reading Dresden Codak by Aaron Diaz, and toward the end of his story Hob, I found a little bit of inspiration along the lines of what I was looking for.

In any event, it’s fan art, though I certainly put my own spin to it.

I highly recommend reading Aaron Diaz’s work over at


Pin Up Test


I Exist

Finally finished this piece, amid all the January and February distractions. In the end I wound up going with a different color scheme, which I felt brought a more arcane feeling.

Dance of Magick


Nadine’s View







An awesome friend was reminiscing with me the other day, while I was working on Beyond, and I asked him which was his favorite bad guy in the series, and he found Shriek to be the best match against Batman.
Anyways, inspiration struck, and here’s the result.



While I’m certainly one for super heroes, it’s not often that I’ll draw them. On a whim I started watching Batman Beyond again, hadn’t seen it since I was a kid. Suddenly found myself drawing an homage.

Gateway of Cutting Indulgence


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