Art Deck Co.

The Art Deck Company has included me in their artist line up for their May 2014 show!

I am very excited to join this project, and encourage any and all of my followers to follow this link over to their Facebook page and give them a ‘like’ for all the hard work they put in to put this together!

They have beautiful photos of all the deck art on display in last weeks showing for your viewing pleasure, and they are all very impressive!

Their main site is here:

And as long as we’re talking Facebook ‘likes’ , you can find the 5th Aeon Facebook page off to the right under the Twitter feed, or on the following link:

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The Alphabet of Influences

The Alphabet of Influences

The basis of the concept of the Alphabet of Desire, is that every emotion contains is it’s own opposite, follows a dual pattern. Learning to ride these emotions, by exploring the Alphabet Of Desire allows the practitioner to be in control of these emotional states, rather than at their mercy.

Peter J. Carrol expounded upon Austin Osman Spare’s original Alphabet of Desire in his book on Chaos Magic, Liber Null and Psychonaut, which influenced my own work with altering the Alphabet into a personally relevant system.

The conscious control of personal emotions states allows for easier management of their influence upon ones life, whether from internal or external sources. The purpose and goal of such discipline is to learn ones way out of self-destructive patterns of behavior, learning to quickly access a situation by thinking before acting, rather than blindly react. To react, rather than to think then act, is to give a degree of influence to something outside of oneself.


The 9

The main forms of duality within the influences are: Sex/Death, Love/Hate, Desire/Fear, and the Subjective/Objective. The root of each emotional influence finds its balance in its opposite, with the exception of Laughter acting as it’s own opposite.

Sex and Death:
The beginning of life and the ending. The pursuits of sex and death are major motivators for human behavior, in figurative or literal ways.
The act of sex both the bringing of new life to the planet in the form of children, just as it is a method of bringing life into the joining of two people in a moment.
Death, in a similar manner, can refer to literal death of a body as well as a figurative conceptual death of an ideology or series of beliefs or a relationship ending.

Love and Hate:
That which is loved, is what we nurture and put our effort toward developing.
That which is hated, is what we counter and put effort toward destroying.

Desire and Fear:
That which is desired, is that which we pull ourselves toward, or pull toward ourselves.
That which feared, is that which we push away, or distance ourselves from.

Subjective and Objective:
The internal world of personal relevancies, is the basis of subjective reality. The method by which we know and understand ourselves.
The external world of concretized notions, is the basis of objective reality. The method by which we know and understand the world.

Laughter and Laughter:
For the majority, a good laugh is therapeutic.
The genuine laugh acts as balancer, or a temporary reset button for too much exposure to the previous 8 influences.
The forced laugh when pushed to its extremes, can result in genuine laughter as well, as the ridiculousness of a fake laugh sets in.
In such a way, the end result can be the same,

These 5 influential dualities can be seen as the traditional elemental associations of water, air, earth, fire, and spirit (the ever elusive 5th element). Laughter, acting as Spirit, can most easily be represented by the symbol of the Yin/Yang. Containing traces of both negative and positive elements, the mix of the two acts as a balanced point between the other more polarized emotional influences. It’s only in laughter that the duality breaks down, and both sides are seen as a single whole.

The Four Chemical Perturbences :

As the late/great Terrence McKenna would put it, humans are an interesting lot who have a reputation for augmenting their perception via any number of substances and methods.
In a metaphorical sense, I found these substances to resonate well with the intention of the alphabet.






Prints Available:

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Baphomet Deck


I caught wind of a local art exhibit showcasing the work of Portland area artists upon skateboard decks. So, naturally, I became interested in participating. I may very well get that chance.

I began working on this as a potential, alongside a few other sketched out ideas, but in the end decided this would be a stand alone piece.

The obelisks, and the pointed fence-gate backgrounds are photos I took from the Historic Colombian Cemetary in north Portland.

Available as a Print:

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It is

In the past few winter months, I’ve been watching the pain, depression, and sadness of numerous friends in numerous life changing situations. I have certainly seen a shift in myself, and all the changes in my life, as well.

I’ve also heard a great number of people uttering the phrase “It is what it is.” At first, it seemed to me to be a rather pragmatic way of moving on, accepting, without appreciating. Resigning oneself to the fates, and attempting to salvage what one can for the next chapter of life.

Then I remembered that I don’t believe in fate. Not the conventional accepted sense of “fate” anyways.

Each time I hear “it is what it is”, I heard a degree of fatalism and giving up, so I’ve been inclined to mentally “check myself” whenever I hear it. I do not find it healthy to repeat phrases which masquerade as some intrinsic truth or sage wisdom, while limiting the perspective one could glean from the depressing experience. One of the marks of depression is a degree of black and white thinking, which leads to a narrowing of perspective into thinking in terms of absolutes. Such a mindset is not conducive to making life-altering changes.

I began to say to myself “It is what you make of it” so that I can recognise and accept what is occurring, while being open to the fact that I have choices. I can choose to forge my own path out of any experience, without the resignation that things simply “are” the way they “are”. I do not believe anything necessarily “is” what we say it “is”, as this places an absolute quality upon situations where variety and subjectivity are in play.

Add depression and sadness to the mix, and I’ve found that ones own perspective can play tricks upon ones thinking.

You can think that it’s all over, and forget that something else is just beginning.

It is what you make of it.

It is


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CricketPrints available:


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Comforting Darkness


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