Major Arcana – Wheel of Fortune


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Major Arcana – The Lovers


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Tarot Deck

The thing with tagging my pictures with the relevant words to symbols in the piece is that, on occasion, the words misdirect the fans and viewers into a direction I did not intend. Reblogging through social networks creates a game of “telephone”, where the original context is lost in translation. Such is the nature of the magic of language.

The other day,on three separate occasions, my work on the skateboard decks has led to the assumption or suggestion that I am or should be creating a Tarot deck. This assumption has been met with a high degree of anticipation and glee, which has been quite lovely to hear.

For the record, I certainly intend to make a Tarot deck. Though, I admit, the idea of 78 different art pieces is a bit daunting. It’s difficult to find the time for such an endeavor, while working full time to take care of the basic needs, but I feel it shall eventually happen. I certainly look forward to it.

Though, it did get me thinking, so I made a border I found to be appropriate, and started working on the Major Arcana again. :) I hope you’re ready to get on with this journey as I am. Here we go!


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A W.I.P. With a tale…

I decided to do something a little different this time, a slight divergence from my usual subject matter, if only in context.

I started sketching this out after yesterday’s post, inspired by a short story potential which popped into my head, after taking one of those silly “what blah blah blah are you?” questionnaires on Facebook.

The conclusion reached was a description that matched me relatively well, though I had to do a little research to arrive at that conclusion.

Ah, the Internet. Thank you for showing me new/old things.

In any event, I’m planning this story out in my head as the piece comes together, and will be delivering the final piece and the story together in a future post.

My site is not currently set up to accept videos, but the 5th Aeon Facebook page does, so if you have ‘liked’ that page (If not, there’s that button on the right of your screen…) , you’ll be able to watch my progress on this piece as I go. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy crafting it one day at a time.

In any event, here is the work in progress.


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A new deck test

Learning from my experience, as well as the process, of the deck design for Art Deck Co. I decided to play with the idea of designing my own custom board.
Having just moved, I dug out the old deck from high school, and decided it was indeed time for an upgrade.
Having long been in love with the pop appeal of late 80’s and early 90’s skateboard art, and always wishing I’d have something that I’d enjoy owning for myself, this has been a long time coming.
I honestly don’t know the total of why I’ve held back all these years.
Well, that’s changing now.


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The Dance of Ten Four Two Every Eight

After the creativity slump, I’ve found myself in a stable environment again, and have begun to draw again. This was a piece I actually started three months ago, but never got back to, until last week.
Now, I go onto newer work. :)


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ArtDeckCo Piece “Beside the Gateway”

The piece. The process. In pictures.

















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