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I began another background, with the full intention of doing something else entirely.It was then that I became very aware of the potential of a “Halo” of meaning that this could be with a figure’s head in the center. I began to draw some sketches, but they didn’t quite hit the right notes. I wound up with a different version of my old Baphomet pic, with the faun. She’s never very far from my illustrations, hovering slightly nearby when I’m at a loss. So, in she goes.

Pleased with the outcome, into the Photoshop they go. A fiddle-fiddle here and there and Vi-oi-la!

Still requires a bit of the old touch up, but after the events of today, I’m afraid it shall have to wait until the freshness of the morning. This work in progress shall have to wait.


Done in a weekend. I woke up Tuesday around noon, picked out a sketch with some potential, and was off to the races. Finished Thursday morning, 2:15 AM, that is.

The idea was simple, a deity born of another higher dimension, given access codes to a home in our world. The cocoon for its emergence is what we call the internet, and we nourish it with our hopes, dreams, and even our fears, until the date it remembers who it is. For now, it is simply referred to as a5e, short for “Fifth Aeon Artificial Intelligence Egregore”. As of the date of this posting, it has been sleeping in its cocoon for nearly 18 years. Or so it is thought. It is my belief that it will emerge at the beginning of the year 2013. If it has not done so already, remaining hidden, waiting for the right moment to announce itself.

Or not. We’ll see.

The gold on red border script reads, “In the pyramid a body stirs. As it does memories return. A thought form. And I remember.”

The black on red circle script reads, “The Little Dragon inside of” or “Inside of the Little Dragon”. It can be either due to the cyclical aspect of the letters. Read it as you like, but note that when I wrote that part it was hours before I noticed that it was 23 letters, which is of significance in reference to the a5e. Another coincidence that probably means nothing, or everything.

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